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sKiiitch Meets the Perfect Sucker

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Muscle cub sKiitch needs his dick sucked really bad. As luck would have it, cock worshiper Maxx Stoner loves a solid hairy body like his, and as they sit on the terrace together Maxx already is rubbing his hands over the soft downy hair covering sKiitch's chest and sexy trail.

Maxx unbuttons sKiitch's shorts to sniff and lick his way around. When the sexy cub's cock swells up Maxx gobbles it down from tip to hairy nuts. sKiitch does what he can to assist, gently brushing back Maxx's long dark hair as he goes to work sucking, but mostly it feels so good all he can do is toss his head back and revel in the superhot blowjob.

Maxx speeds up and sKiitch's fingers instinctively go for the back of his head to give an extra little push. He wants to feel his cum shooting down that perfect juicy throat. His hips start pumping up into Maxx's face as his nuts tighten up and prepare to fire off a massive load. Saliva drips down to coat his ballsack. He reaches to milk his cock a last few seconds before blasting.

Maxx's tongue laps the tip of sKiitch's head as the sticky stream starts oozing out. He opens wide to not miss a drop, then runs a tongue along the shaft to slurp up the jizz that still drizzles down. sKiitch lies back in satisfaction and relief.