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Gavin Gulps and Gags on Joseph

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Hot and hungry, Asian cocksucker Gavin Winters takes on the big meaty tool dangling between Joseph Banks' long legs. Lanky muscleboy Joseph slinks down on the bed, pumping his crotch up to meet Gavin's powerful dick vacuum. Gripping Banks' nuts and the base of his pole, Gavin closes his eyes, slurps his way down to the root. Joseph just lies back and lets a talented sucker get to work.

When things get heated up Joseph joins in to grab Gavin by the manbun and fuck his dick up into the juicy wet mouth. Gavin catches his breath licking his buddy's big full nutsack, snot dripping down his upper lip. "Choke on my dick," Joseph whispers as a big gob of spit slides out of Gavin's lips. His beating fist is drenched with saliva and Gavin gasps for oxygen. They switch so Gavin's on his back with head hanging as Banks uses his face as a fuck toy. The cocksucker finally gags, spills out a cupful of regurgitated spit. Face soaked and mouth wide open, Gavin nibbles on Banks' nuts as he beats off to a huge eruption of cum. By the third hefty shot he buries it back in, shoots his load right where Gavin wants it most, in his cumstarved little mouth. Gavin milks out one of his own, smearing it across his tight abs.