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Cum Pig Shawn Cohen 2

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With Shawn Cohen hittin' me up, I knew the boy needed some cock; he is one hungry pig. All I have to do is lie back and let him work. Blowing my huge load on my groin, Shawn goes in to feast.

I haven't heard from Shawn in a while, but hookin' up with him at a local motel, I knew he was "still hungry;" his breath was heavy with cum. Watching him suck my cock, he takes his time. Dropping his pants, he must need a fuckin'. Warming up his hole, he puts it right in my face while still blowing me. Riding me for a bit, Shawn then lets go of a load that sprays the pillow and all over me; don't worry, he always cleans up his mess. Still smelling the other guy on his breath, I stoke until I too release and add to this boy's scented mouth. Both Gil, then Edward, are two of Shawn's "go to" buddies for CumPigMen.com.