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Evan's Last Day At the Resort

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Sexy cocksucker king Evan Heart is winding up his stay at the resort, looking for a few more dicks to go down on and balls to drain. As he finds Allyn lying on a secluded lounge, he goes to work. He licks and swallows Allyn's piece while he gets his asshole tingled by the dude's fluttering fingers. As the thickening cock grows and stiffens in his mouth, he realizes life has thrown him a little curve. A kind of major curve at the end of Allyn's mushroom-headed cock, that fits his mouth just perfectly. Allyn is so turned on, spewing a big fat creamy load that glistens along the shaft while greedy Evan licks every drop.

Next young trendy Gage Michaels catches his laser-focused attention, and he takes his spot half in the pool as Gage dangles his feet in the cool water. A perfect position to guzzle juicy cock to the root while Gage involuntarily leans back to bask in the expert oral attention. Soon he too is splattering a creamy reward onto Evan's lips and welcoming tongue. Mission accomplished and another fantastic dicksucking vacation.