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Marc and Billy's Cocksucking Tag Team

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Marc Spiits joins his buddy Billy Bowers on their knees at the NYC sex club. Marc is in shirt and tie fresh from the office, but that doesn't slow him down a second from gargling with the biggest, meatiest cocks in the Big Apple.

At first, Marc is the one getting a blowjob from a sexy swarthy dude with long hair and a beard, but the lure of all those big cocks is too much to resist, so he and Billy start sharing the sucking. Marc gets the first giant load in his mouth and sprayed all over his face. He doesn't waste a drop of that sticky protein shake, even licks the guy's hand to get the last splatters. Next guy is lean and mean in a black jock, then a hot chiseled muscle daddy. Billy shares the honors and the two are so close they can suck, lick and sniff those manly meatpoles without losing a beat. Watching muscle daddy beat his cock, they lick the taste of dick off each other's tongues and wait for the juicy payoff. Marc is such a ravenous cum guzzler he doesn't mind getting his work clothes hosed down with cum spray.

But the next encounter finds Marc with shirt off and wearing gym shorts and a Yankees stocking cap. His lips are sticky with cum as he smacks them in delight. He's back to sucking solo, and after he gets another mouthful he scrapes sticky overspray off his chest hair and biceps to get the last bits into his mouth where they belong. Some dudes get all the luck on their knees, and cocksucker Marc is the champ.