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Best of Buck Wilde, Part I

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Buck is a scruffy pup with tats, plugs through his pierced ears and a ravenous appetite for dick. Leafing through a local gay rag, he calls an escort from the ads. Hatch, the callboy shows up chiseled, muscular and raring to go.

Hatch turns around and drops his drawers to show off a perfect, round muscle butt. Buck licks his smooth crack, then turns him around to get his mouth fucked. When Hatch gets on all fours with knees apart and ass turned up, Buck grabs his dick from behind and licks all the way from tip to ballsack to throbbing hole. He points the dick back through Hatch's open legs and sucks the cock from behind. Getting his hole eaten and played with while he beats off is what Hatch loves most, so his stroking gets faster and more focused. Buck moves in just in time to gobble a fresh batch of sperm straight from the fountain. That taste gets our eager little sucker so hot that he yanks a bit and spurts a big load of his own.

Passing along the 2nd floor walkway of his motel, Buck spots his next horny prey, a handsome cowboy with a sly smile. Turning around from his own door, he walks back to follow Cowboy into his room. The western stud keeps his hat on, even when he's lying naked on the bed jacking his big tool. His taut belly sports a horseshoe tattoo around the navel, and Buck knows he's got a hot one on his hands, and mouth. First he gets a heavy pair of nuts slapped around his hungry lips, then Cowboy jacks hard and fast while Buck kneels just inches in front. When the sticky reward comes, Buck catches it across his whole face and sucks down every remnant from the still-cumming dick.