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David and Jace's Blow to Go

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Jace barely made it in the apartment door before David Ace grabbed his dick and started blowing him. Jace's thick cock is the kind you can't wait to get down your throat and filling your mouth, so it's totally understandable. He holds David's shoulder and guides his cock straight in and down to the tonsils. David's got a huge appetite for cock and a great technique as well, which we see all over Jace's blissed-out face.

David's jerking his cock and occasionally looking up for signs of encouragement, but mainly he can't take his one-track mind off the need for seed. He wants to feel that big cock opening up his throat, spurting a thick load of tasty cream across his tongue and sliding on down. Just the thought gets him beating his prick faster. He slowly takes it all in, swallowing till his lips feel the bristly pubes and he's hit bottom. He kneels a little lower, opens up and holds his tongue out as Jace jerks. In just a second, here it cums, sprewing a hot puddle into his mouth. David gets so worked up just eating that gooey load that he shoots his own, across his thighs and hitting the floor.