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Muscledaddy Christian Gets his Pole Polished

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Christian Matthews needs to get off, and quick! And who better to suck and swallow than master sucker Maxx Stoner, who takes in Christian's rock-hard pole right down to the fuzzy pubes. The piercing behind Christian's nuts jiggles against the furry hairs of his taint as Maxx rocks and rolls into his dicklicking magic. Christian lifts the back of Maxx's silky black hair as spit and precum splatter all over. Maxx sniffs deeply, nuzzles the thick bush of pubes that frame Christian's straight wet dick. Christian playfully smacks Maxx's face for some tough love encouragement.

Maxx is plenty encouraged, only pulls away to get a breath in and go back to swallowing deep. He worships the smell and taste of Christian's musky crotch as his tongue runs from hairy balls to smooth head. Christian's breathing heavy now, wants to shoot deep down into the handsome suckboy. He wants to grab his cock and stroke off but holds back and lets Maxx do his finest work. But he can't hold out for long. Moaning and gasping, Christian milks out a creamy reward for Maxx's ravenous mouth. Cum drips from the supersucker's fuzzy black goatee as he proudly turns to smile for the camera.