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Maxx Gargles With Rocker Dick

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Tatted rocker Tristan Matthews is a renowned cocksman in his own right, so Maxx definitely has something to prove when he's matched up with his rockhard dick and cum-packed nuts. Tristan sits on a low wooden crate while Maxx moves in to slurp down his horny meat. Tristan works Maxx's cock with one hand, brushes back the cocksucker's long hair with the other.

Maxx plays with Tristan's big heavy nuts as he gorges on rocker dick, glazing his cock and balls with a sheen of thick saliva. Scruffy Tristan closes his eyes and lets Maxx go to work, ballsack dripping with Maxx's juicy spit. Maxx buries his face in the the warm wet crotch as Tristan pumps his pelvis up into the welcoming throat.

Time for a quick deep breath, and Maxx strokes Tristan lovingly as he inhales. He gargles with Tristan's thick pole again in a flash, groaning with satisfaction. "Gonna make me cum," Tristan offers. "Do you want to taste it?" Maxx needs that mouthful and backs off to let Tristan squeeze out the first few drops before the bigger spurts fill him with hot manjuice. Mouth dripping, he's so heated up that his cock starts squirting jizz across Tristan's pubes, and he's quick to gobble down his own tasty mess.