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Sexy Spencer Swallows Cesar

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Spencer Gray is a pierced hippie boy with a mop of dark curls and a hunger for big uncut Latin cock. Today that hunger is getting satisfied, and then some. Cesar Xes has a mighty lance of stiff manmeat. He slaps it around Spencer's face and drives it straight down the young stud's gullet.

Spencer's taste isn't limited to cock, as he sucks and worships Xes' smooth tight nuts. While Spencer kneels obediently before him Cesar grabs a handful of curly hair and fucks the insatiable cocksucker's face. When it's buried to the hilt, he ping-pongs his nutsack against Spencer's chin.

Spencer's cheeks pull in as he Hoovers down that delicious Mexican chorizo. "All the way down," Cesar commands, and Spencer's quick to obey. He's getting so comfortable with a throat full of Cesar that he's ready to show off some tricks. He slurps down Cesar's right testicle as his lips are pressed against the black downy fur of Xes' pubes. Cesar's so turned on he can't hold back much longer.

As Spencer slobbers his big tongue against the full length, Cesar grabs his dick and starts pumping fast. Suddenly he pushes Spencer's face back and aims for the ready and open mouth. After a big spurt to the lips, Spencer crowds in closer and swallows every drop. "Thank you Daddy," he offers, bats his big thick eyelashes and lets the sperm run down his chin.